#03: Housing for All: Revisiting Current Housing Policy and Practise through Need-Based Analysis

Despite the various housing initiatives, many Malaysians face difficulties accessing adequate and decent housing as housing costs are out of reach for most people, particularly the low-income. Consequently, due to the rising housing prices, affordable housing has become a fantasy in Malaysia. Since providing a home is one of the government’s social responsibilities to its citizens, the government must ensure that each person has a roof over their head by providing housing for rent or facilitating their housing aspirations. This research investigates housing needs and awareness through a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the underprivileged. It also evaluates the adequacy of current housing policy and practises with the engagement with the experts through the same method. Findings found that the current housing policy and practices in Malaysia, in general, have responded to the housing problems the citizens face. However, it is perceived as insufficient to provide housing democracy, especially for the underprivileged. Therefore, the government and housing stakeholders are urged to revisit the current housing policy and practice to be more inclusive and comprehensive to all Malaysians in improving housing democracy.

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