Strengthening of social ties between fellow Malaysians is imperative due to a clear connection between the country’s prosperity and the rakyat’s quality of life. Conducive interaction within our varied communities serve as catalysts in uniting the rakyat beyond ethnicities, religions, localities and socioeconomic differences. The basis for this interaction is mutual respect and high tolerance among the rakyat.

Sub Focus Areas


Strengthening the teaching and learning process to create a highly educated workforce and help build a community of lifelong learners

National Integration

Efforts to strengthen the unity and solidarity of the rakyat removing all racial, religious, cultural, linguistic and socio-economic boundaries.

Social Capital Policy

Policies pertaining to a group of people to work and function together as a whole through trust, shared values, mutual relationships and common goals

Social Wellbeing

Achieving an end state where the welfare and basic needs of all segments of society is protected and improved, especially the economically vulnerable and B40.