Ensuring Palauh Kids Are Not Left Out In Education

KUNAK: The Institut Masa Depan Malaysia (Masa) and Pusat Pembangan Minda Insan (PPMI) are jointly helping in the education of the children of the Palauh community and its teaching staff.

Masa Chief Executive Officer, Azril Mohd Amin said as an independent think tank that combines visitation programme at PPMI Kg. Kabong here is expected to provide direct exposure in education among the community who face various issues and challenges.

“This programme is also part of our efforts to assist the National Recovery Council (MPN) in focusing on the educational right for all children,” he said.

Some 14 Masa researcher and staff participated in the two-day programme which included visit to PPMI Kg Kabong in Kunak, and PPMI Kg Hidayat in Semporna.

Also present during the visit were Sabah PPMI Chief Coordinator, Lajulliadi Lajahidi, and the teaching staff of PPMI Kg. Kabong PPMI and Kelas Bimbingan Insan (KBI) Kg. Kunak Tiga.

During the programme, Masa also handed donations in the form of learning tools for PPMI/KBI teachers and students.

Azril said the good relationship between Masa and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) here which have been involved in the establishment of PPMI in Sabah could facilitate the long-term programme framework to provide training on specific skills and motivation programmes for PPMI teaching staff.

“It includes the goal of strengthening research efforts on the educational rights of the minority Palauh children, marginalised group and those side-lined,” he said, adding that Masa also intends to make PPMI a ‘foster school’ that can be used as a model in efforts to transform rural education.

Meanwhile, Lajulliadi said PPMI, which was established more than 10 years ago, was very significant as a community centre that successfully helped many Palauh children to get to know 3M’s basic education and also religious education so that they would not be neglected in terms of education.

“Knowledge is necessary in making a change. That is why the creation of PPMI is an effective initial framework to help these marginalised minorities in gaining knowledge, especially among the children of the Palauh community.

“Without education, it is certainly difficult to make changes from less good to better,” he said.

Currently, he said, KBI which is located in the Bajau Laut community village (Palauh) has 137 students including kindergarten, year one, two and year three students. They are taught by seven teaching staff including the head teacher.


Date: 17 December 2021

Source: Daily Express – http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news/183657/ensuring-palauh-kids-are-not-left-out-in-education/

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