#15: Accelerating Medical Tourism in East Malaysia Regions: Building Competitiveness through Strategic Policy Enhancement and IR4.0 Technologies Adoption

The current healthcare travel policies aim to promote the country’s medical tourism, necessitating continual evaluation and adaptation, especially in Borneo. The policy brief assesses current policies through SWOT analysis within the Malaysian context, with a specific focus on East Malaysia, validated through relevant research and stakeholder engagement. The analysis suggests embracing technology, improving administrative processes, and diversifying services to enhance Malaysia’s global medical tourism standing and ensure long-term sustainability, emphasizing the need for continuous policy evaluation and adaptation. To do so, practical recommendations include holistic policy alignment, standardized regulations, transparent pricing, streamlined visa processes, improved flight connectivity, targeted specialty development, digital satellite-city stopover hubs, and innovative marketing. Collaboration among ministries, clear guidelines for advanced technologies, and incentives for airlines and tourism stakeholders are crucial. Standardizing healthcare practices, transparent pricing structures, and streamlined visas can build trust. Developing unique specialties and integrating IR 4.0 technologies enhance market positioning. Stopover hubs optimize regional benefits, and innovative marketing strategies elevate Borneo’s appeal. Implementing these measures can boost Borneo’s competitiveness in the global medical tourism landscape.

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