Women continue to receive well wishes in achieving equality

KUALA LUMPUR (March 8): Malaysian women continue to receive well wishes and words of encouragement from various parties who are committed to achieving mutual equality, as they celebrate this year’s Women’s Day celebration themed “Saksama Bersama”.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister (KPWKM) Datuk Seri Rina Harun in a Facebook post said the theme was chosen in line with the goals outlined in the Shared Prosperity Vision (WKB) 2030 to raise awareness of all levels of society on the importance of achieving gender equality.

“See how great it is to be a woman. The whole world is celebrating it. Happy Women’s Day 2022 to all the great women in Keluarga Malaysia,” she said.

In conjunction with the celebration, Rina on Tuesday (March 8) flagged off a team of 15 female climbers who were going on an expedition to Everest Base Camp to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022.

On reaching the Everest Base Camp, the team comprising civil servants and university students will display a replica of a giant XL sized  t-shirt covering a distance of 130.22 kilometres to make it into the Malaysia Books of Records (MBR).

Meanwhile, Higher Education Minister (MOHE) Datuk Seri Dr Noraini Ahmad in her message on “Tinta Minda Bernama” wrote that when women are given the chance to reach their highest potential, the nation stands a higher chance of prospering as a whole.

“Women play a significant role in the country’s development, as well as in the socio-economic welfare of our families. A research by Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) revealed that increasing female education contributed to about 50% of the economic growth in OECD countries over the past 50 years.

“In the academic front, last year, 58.6 per cent of the total number of projects that have been approved under MOHE’s fundamental research fund programme were led by women and in terms of university administrative positions,  several local universities have women holding both vice-chancellor and deputy vice-chancellor positions,” she said.

Sharing her sentiment was Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali who in wishing a Happy Women’s Day, thanked the women who have continued to fight for the sake of their families, nation and country.

“Women are the backbone to the development of the nation not only in the economic, political and social fields but in all aspects of nation building.  Happy Women’s Day to all the women out there wherever you are,”  he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya Member of Parliament Maria Chin Abdullah in her statement said women and men have different challenges and community policy improvement efforts in accepting such differences will create opportunities towards healthier responsibilities and relationships.

“On society’s view of women, the media and education can play a key role in reshaping and strengthening the image of women,” she said, stressing that the time has come for any prejudice against women to be eliminated.

At the same time, Institut Masa Depan Malaysia (MASA) chief executive officer Azril Amin said the organisation hoped that the policies and strategies that focus on gender inclusion, especially the involvement of women at the decision-making level could be given priority to achieve equality.

“MASA believes that a holistic and inclusive approach must be drawn up and implemented by the government post-pandemic, especially to tackle the issue of gender stereotyping in the education, employment areas and within the family.

“The government together with other stakeholders should focus on recognising the position and contribution of women fairly, on an equal footing,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Chief Executive Officer, Institut Masa Depan Malaysia

Date: 9 March 2022

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