Realistic vision can bring nation out of crisis

National Recovery Council chairman, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, has given that much-needed impetus and assurance to the nation that Malaysia’s battle against Covid-19 has not been derailed by the recent change of government leadership.

Indeed, it is heartening to note that the exceptionally pragmatic and holistic approach to the crisis which had been taken by Muhyiddin when he was prime minister of the Perikatan Nasional-led government, will proceed like what he had planned before.

Thanks to the approach – almost two-thirds of the Malaysian population have received financial assistance, businesses have been supported and those in need have been sheltered from the worst economic downturn in our history through no fewer than eight economic stimulus and relief packages delivered in tandem with Muhyiddin’s road map to recovery.

Most importantly, the overwhelming majority of the population have received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and we are well ahead on our way to achieve herd immunity through the implementation of the National Vaccination Programme rolled out early this year.

In his closing address of National Recovery Summit yesterday, Muhyiddin reiterated the way forward for short-, medium-, and-long term plans and measures that had been previously outlined during his administration. The realistic and foresightful vision of his exit strategy from the pandemic, if followed and implemented diligently, will transform disaster into opportunity, heartbreak into hope and suffering into shared prosperity.

The detailed and incremental plan on supporting small-and medium-sized entrepreneurs and those hardest-hit sectors of the economy, continued assistance for the people, concerted efforts to attract foreign and domestic direct investments and proliferation of new technologies and digitization will undeniably lead to the emergence of new Malaysia that will be even more equitable, sustainable, and stronger than we were before the crisis.

Perhaps the most poignant remarks in Muhyiddin’s speech, made even more so by the recent acrimonious political climate that led to his resignation, were his calls for national solidarity and the urgent need to transcend every narrow interest that threatens to divide our nation. We commend and welcome the spirit of unity and selfless prioritising of the greater good. This message could not have come at a more crucial time as we near the end of the present health crisis whilst entering the long struggles towards recovery.

As responsible citizens, we must muster the fortitude, determination and most importantly, remain united to overcome the challenges of both today and tomorrow. With all these vital elements put in place as mentioned by Muhyiddin in his speech, Malaysia has the ability to not only recover but also to become a better and stronger nation.

Azril Mohd Amin
Chief Executive Officer
Institut Masa Depan Malaysia

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