[PEMACU Wacana] Crisis-Proofing Education: Post-Pandemic

One of the facets of society that was hit by the pandemic and is still experiencing repercussions is education. All aspects of young people’s live have been impacted and it is not quite over yet for them. Despite challenges and setbacks, learning can and does continue in times of crisis.

However, the pandemic may have created the opportunity to change the educational landscape for the better. The pandemic has thought us that we, must develop a crisis proof education system if we are to ensure everyone has access to education no matter the situation. Let’s not forget our Shared Prosperity Vision’s, to ensure no one is left behind.

This intellectual discourse session aims:
1. To assemble thinkers, scholars, experts, policymakers’, youth, and students on a common platform to discuss current issues and challenges face in education today.

2. To share and exchange ideas on new and innovative approaches to crisis proof our Malaysian education landscape.

3. To provide policy recommendations for the government in its efforts to design viable strategies and policies in Malaysia’s education system.

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Seminar Lepas
13 Ogos 2021

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