#05: Sustainable Decarbonization Approaches and Outlook Towards Net-Zero Emissions for Energy-Intensive Industries in Malaysia

Malaysia’s energy-intensive industries are a major source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, accounting for over 40% of the country’s total emissions. To achieve its net-zero emissions target by 2050, the country is taking action to decarbonize its energy-intensive industries.

In assessing the importance of GHG mitigation, this policy brief aims to propose a standardized framework as a policy instrument to adopt sustainable decarbonization approaches and to address the gap among other available policies in place. Presently, there are variety of mechanisms implemented by stakeholders as efforts toward reducing the GHG emissions.

Scoping down in this matter shows there is a disconnect and different methodology utilized for national level GHG emissions reporting and industries reporting. It is necessary for the Malaysian government and agencies to have a single emissions inventory to have better alignment in efforts to reduce the GHG emissions. The proposed Standardized Reporting Framework on GHG will assist stakeholders to mitigate GHG emissions within their facilities, in line with other national policies and targets set by the government.

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