#24: Navigating Land Issues in Shaping National Food Policy Response

MALAYSIA faces a significant challenge in its heavy dependence on imports for essential food products, despite its abundant land and resources, as well as sound government policies. To reduce overreliance on imports and secure sustainable access to food at affordable prices, Malaysia must optimize its land use for agriculture. A notable land use issue revolves around the discord between federal planning initiatives and their actual implementation at the state level, particularly concerning the advancement of the agriculture and agri food sector. Government intervention at all levels—federal, state, and local—is imperative to address this pressing issue. Boosting agricultural productivity and investing in agricultural land stand as vital strategies to ensure food security in Malaysia. This initiative aligns with the current National Food Security Policy Action Plan (2021-2025), which aims to diversify domestic agricultural production and prepare Malaysia for potential food security crises. This policy brief is to complement existing policies and plans on food security by addressing pivotal land use issues for agriculture, with a strategic aim to enhance sustainable food security in Malaysia.

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