#20: Strengthening Social Protection Framework in Malaysia

Malaysia has a comprehensive social protection system that encompasses public assistance, social insurance, and labour market programmes which is a crucial element of human development, and social well-being, characterised by its dynamic nature that necessitates continuous impact on both internal and external influences. To date, the nation’s social protection system has undergone multiple stages of transformation. However, the changes in demographic, socio-economic and global health demand a more all-encompassing social protection system capable of addressing the progressively demanding contemporary requirements. Despite all efforts and initiatives taken by the government, issues on redundancy, error in targeting and adequacy of available protection remain unresolved. The absence of a comprehensive policy and act to govern the social protection movement hinders the effectiveness and efficiency of the social protection programme implementation without a specific body to man0euvre the efforts.

This study was conducted with the aim of examining the potential of an integrated framework between agencies. To accomplish these objectives, it is important to understand the current existing system and the issues and challenges in implementing the integrated social protection system.

The ultimate objective of this study is to develop a comprehensive model of an integrated social protection system in Malaysia.

This study used a qualitative methodology, namely a case study design, to investigate the social protection system of Malaysia. The data was collected from a focus group discussion with major key players of the Malaysian social protection system. The data obtained from the interviews was subjected to thematic analysis, wherein several themes were identified. These themes shed light on the country’s hopes for an integrated social protection system that is more efficient and effective.

The findings of this study are hoped to provide insight and input for the policy maker to accelerate the legislation of social protection policy and act along with the establishment of a leading agency that can govern and manage the integrated social protection system in Malaysia for better effectiveness and efficiency and sustainability.

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