#15 : Road Safety and Social Protection for Food Delivery Riders in the P-hailing Sector

The purpose of this policy brief is to provide suggestions for improving the p-hailing industry with regards to food delivery riders. It focuses on the road safety risks encountered by food delivery riders and the lack of social protections afforded to these self-employed drivers. This policy brief makes the argument that the existing road safety acts are inadequate to address the growing number of accidents involving delivery riders due to over emphasis on delivery riders. The self-employed status of gig delivery riders could be easily exploited by those who are in favour of cheap contract labour for a short-term period as opposed to employed labour for a long-term period. This resulted in the following policy recommendations: enhancing the safety of delivery riders through sector-specific legislation on p-hailing industry and empowering gig workers through the development of a blue ocean blueprint on the gig economy.

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